Our services are holistic in the sense that we have the ability to combine consultancy with workshops that can be customized to your specific needs. Our partnerships further broaden our offering, enabling us to deliver complete, end-to-end solutions.

Flourishing Business Design

Business and Management Consulting

The Holonomics approach to consultancy enables business to see further, and think deeper, to build systems for a stronger and more resilient future. Our mission is to take businesses to higher ground by helping them to see themselves from an elevated perspective.

Sustentare Business School

Courses and Educational Programmes

With technological and business change happening at a rate never seen before, your team must be able to efficiently and effectively upskill and reskill to stay ahead.

Our programmes have been created to to help leaders to not only provide the tools their teams need to keep their skills up to date, but to create an environments that encourage rapid, continuous learning.

Service Design Talks

Customer Experience Design

We have brought together our knowledge of strategy, change management, user experience design, product marketing, business development, cultural transformation, employee experience and deep tech in order to help you build and grow authentic businesses and organisations.

Mecânica, São Paulo

Digital Service Design

Our Deep Tech Network brings together a wide range of expertise and disciplines, in order to help us offer complete end-to-end consultancy programmes which include complex and scalable software architecture design, application and customer experience and user experience design, agile innovation and business processes redesign.

TEDx Florianopolis

Workshops, Presentations and Keynotes

As keynote speakers we work with our clients to create meaningful, engaging events to connect their communities with their key messages and objectives. Our workshops allow organizations to hone their skills using practices such as dialogue, group exercises and culture sprints.

Sustainable Brands London

Executive Advisors

Our entrepreneurial experience allows us to provide executive advice to CEOs, business owners, and internal practice leaders looking to grow revenue, revitalize marketing, and improve customer experience through our thought leadership.

Let’s build something together.