Our Approach

Holonomics employs a unique approach driven by deep thinking, the honouring of basic human values, and the belief that long-lasting, impactful change can only be achieved through work that is, at its core, authentic.

With our deep expertise and commitment to these values, we integrate into our clients’ environments to gain the truest understanding of their challenges. We then apply this deep understanding to develop targeted solutions that generate high-impact results, quickly.

What you get from Holonomics

Deep Thinking

Transformation must be built on solid ground. Our collaboration gives you a deep understanding of your foundation—of what’s working, and why—enabling you to achieve higher impact results. This understanding happens through:

  • Strategic Intelligence – We are world leaders in helping organizations structure, execute and manage strategy. We are experts in a broad range of methodologies that we catered to your unique needs, and enrich through the Holonomics approach.

  • Philosophical Creativity – Our strategic work is based on profound philosophical theory which has allowed us to create inspiring new business practices that bring into your organization a new awareness of human values and that enable new ways of seeing. This philosophical creativity unlocks your teams’ potential for maximal performance.

  • Systemic Approach – Our clients have each area of their organization addressed with the understanding that a change or transformation in any one part of the system impacts the behaviour of the whole. Our systemic approach reveals the important interplay between each part of your organization, enabling you to pinpoint and address the areas that are hindering your growth and success.

Trusted Advisors

Those who work with Holonomics gain a partnership with a team that has decades of experience in driving transformation within organizations. You gain even more value from the unique specialities we provide as part of our core services.

  • Organizational Change & Human Values – We work at every level, from C-suite, strategy and decision-making to front-line training. With our partnership, you gain the ability to more easily and efficiently navigate through accelerating global trends and changes resulting from mergers, acquisitions, strategy execution, organisational redesign and restructuring.

  • Innovative Customer Experience Design – Our systemic approach extends to customer experience design, positioning it as central in business strategy and integrating it into every business function. This innovative approach, which injects customer-centricity at the boardroom level, ensures that the experience you offer your customers aligns with the values, purpose and essence of your brand.

  • Leadership Development with Purpose – Every single intervention we make within an organisation has human values as its basis. This means that communication between your team members, at every level, becomes coherent, authentic and impactful. It’s the type of communication that enables leaders to engage and connect with customers, colleagues and stakeholders in new and inspiring ways—resulting in profound transformation and sustainable, meaningful growth.

Exclusive Tools & Techniques

We are not just consultants; we are creators who have received international recognition for our revolutionary new approaches to strategy, customer experience design, and digital and cultural transformation. At the foundation of our approaches is the integration of proven business methodologies with profound insights from psychology, philosophy, culture, and science. When we team up, you gain access to proven, exclusive tools and techniques that drive:

  • Customer Experiences with Soul – With global crises impacting every single organisation, we help to transform businesses to become more agile, adaptable and resilient through developing more meaningful relationships with their clients, customers and ecosystems while innovating with, for example, digital solutions and new value propositions.

  • Flourishing Business Model Design – We define sustainability as the quality of our relationships. With this, we help you develop an expanded view of your business models, ensuring that your organisation is fully equipped to grow, respond rapidly to changing global trends, and create a positive impact.

  • Cultural Transformation – We help organisations transform rapidly, so they can help their entire workforce, at every level, effectively manage the volatility, complexity and uncertainty of our changing business and social environments.