Our History

Key Milestones in our History


• Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter published.

• The nine-page feature article Holonomic Thinking is published in Harvard Business Review.

• Holonomics founded in São Paulo, Brazil.

• Simon and Maria give opening keynote at Sustainable Brands London launching Holonomics.


• Sustainable Brands nominate Holonomics as one of the Top 36 books on sustainability.

• Creation of the framework The New 4Ps – platforms, purpose, people and planet.

• Simon and Maria introduce the Holonomics approach in the United States at Sustainable Brands San Diego.

• Fritjof Capra launches Capra Course, a new online course whose platform was designed by Simon Robinson, who also joins Fritjof as the course development director.

• The Holonomics Approach is featured at Sustainable Brands Rio.

• Simon gives TEDx talk, creating the name Customer Experiences with Soul.

• Simon and Maria run a Harvard Business Review Masterclass on Holonomics, looking at how the Holonomics Approach can be applied in relation to profound organisational change in complex environments.


Don’t Start a Business, Start a Crusade, a seven-page featured article by Simon and Maria is published in Harvard Business Review.

• Simon is invited to join Fritjof Capra for the Sustainable Brands webinar – Introducing the Systems View of Life into Organisations.

• Simon is the keynote speaker at the Green Spa Network annual convention at Yosemite National Park, California

• Holonomics launch Transformational Design Thinking, a new MBA course in partnership with PUC São Paulo, together with Natali Garcia and Luciana Terceiro.

• Simon and Maria launch Customer Experiences with Soul and the Holonomics Circle design framework at Sustainable Brands Bangkok.


• Holonomics launch Energy Canvas in partnership with Sun Mobi, an innovative three-month course which introduces The Flourishing Business Canvas, The Three Horizons Model and the Future Fit Benchmark into Brazil.

• Holonomics Publishing is launched as a register publisher in London, UK

• Publication of Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design

• Maria and Simon are the keynote speakers at Eco-Logic, a two-day event hosted by New Wrinkle in Athens, Greece, inspired by Holonomics and based on both the Holonomics Approach and Customer Experiences with Soul.

• The Holonomics Approach is featured in The Journal of Management Science and Business Intelligence (JMSBI), an open access, multidisciplinary academic journal.

• EGlobalis nominate Customer Experiences with Soul as one of the Top 30 books on customer experience of the year.

The Tao of the Future, a one year cultural transformation programme developed by Holonomics for CPFL Renováveis, is featured in their 2017 Annual Report.


• Creation of the concept of Deep Tech in partnership with 1STi.

• Simon and Maria present Customer Experiences with Soul at the RD Summit, the third largest marketing summit in the world with over 8,000 delegates.

• The first Deep Tech Talks is launched in São Paulo, with the theme of Technology with Soul.

Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter is nominated as one of the Top 100 sustainability books by Impact Boom.


• Simon and Maria are the keynote speakers discussing Customer Experiences with Soul at Estée Lauder’s annual Brazilian summit.

• Deep Tech Talks #2 event is held with the theme of Augmented Agility.

• The Holonomics Approach and Customer Experiences with Soul framework are included in masters degree research in the Department of Sustainable Design at Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD).


• Holonomics launch the Deep Tech Network and the Deep Tech Manifesto in partnership with 1STi and Vai na Web.

• Maria Moraes Robinson hosts the Deep Tech Podcast with Igor Couto, CEO of 1STi.

• Holonomics partner with Methodical to launch the Covid Business Plan, based on Matt Watkinson’s The Grid, in Portuguese.

• The Holonomics Approach and Customer Experiences with Soul framework form part of PhD level research and thesis at the Departments of Educational Sustainability, University of Wisconsin.