Deep Tech Network

Holonomics is proud to be part of the Deep Tech Network, a new movement born in Brazil with an international reach which is the result of a collaboration between Holonomics, 1STi and Vai na Web, three organisations which have at their heart a singular mission to unite advanced technological innovations with consciousness and human values.

Our deep tech manifesto is articulated in the following seven principles:

I – Deep Tech combines analytical thinking and artistic consciousness;

II – Deep Tech creates augmented intelligence, the combination of artificial intelligence with conscious human endeavours;

III – The purpose of Deep Tech is to use deep thinking to find deep solutions to complex problems;

IV – Privacy and ethics are core elements of Deep Tech algorithms;

V – Deep Tech is developed by talented people who come from a rich diversity of backgrounds;

VI – The values of Deep Tech are the five universal human values of peace, truth, love, righteousness and non-violence;

VII – Deep Tech helps us to explore our world and ourselves in ever more meaningful ways, honouring what it is to be human in our world.