About the Founders

simon-robinsonSimon Robinson is the co-author of Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter and is a respected global thought leader on wholeness in organisations. He helps companies align their purpose and value propositions with today’s most critical challenges, working holistically by integrating programmes across strategy, change management, innovation, sustainability and customer experience. Having started his career in user centred design in the early 1990s, he is internationally recognised for his customer-centric focus on product, service and platform design, introducing the concept of customer experiences with soul in 2015. He is currently working with Fritjof Capra on Capra Course, Fritjof Capra’s new on-line course based on his latest book The Systems View of Life.

In the 1990s Simon was a co-founder of Genie Internet, the award-winning first mobile phone portal for the internet, where as Head of Music and Games he developed partnerships with global entertainment companies including MTV, EMI, Endemol and Dotmusic. He began his career at BT Laboratories (British Telecom) in ergonomics and human factors, responsible for the user interfaces and the customer experience of fixed and mobile consumer products. In 1996 he became the Business Development Manager of BT Cellnet (now O2) responsible for smart phones, working on the first mobile phone with java technology, along with Nortel, and helping to develop global standards for internet and mobile phones.

He has spoken and chaired panel sessions at many international conferences on mobile and internet technologies, new media, gaming and sustainability including Sustainable Brands (London, San Diego, Rio de Janeiro), TEDx Florianopolis, Green Spa Network 8th Annual Congress (California), Harvard Business Review Masterclass (São Paulo), Sustainable Foods Summit (São Paulo), Strategy Execution Summit (São Paulo), GSM World Congress (Cannes), Net Sounds (New York), Nokia World Congress (San Francisco, Hannover) and Mobile Internet (Paris, London, Lisbon).

Simon graduated in Psychology from Nottingham University, and has a masters degree in Holistic Science from Schumacher College. He is a Harvard Business Review author, a member of Biomimicry for Creative Innovation and editor of the blog http://www.transitionconsciousness.org.


Maria Moraes Robinson is an internationally recognised educator and keynote speaker in strategy, change management, sustainability, human values and the Balanced Scorecard methodology. She is a published author in Harvard Business Review Brasil, and recent conferences she has presented and run workshops at include Sustainable Brands: London, San Diego and Rio de Janeiro and Harvard Business Review Brasil summits on Corporate Education, Mindfulness and Leadership.

As a leading business strategist Maria has worked personally with Robert Kaplan and David Norton introducing  and developing Balanced Scorecard methodology in Brazil and Latin America across many sectors including telecoms, technology, petrochemicals, steel, energy, transportation and education.

Maria played a key strategic role in the creation of the Brazilian educational programme Todos Pela Educação (Education for All) which was set up to improve the level of public education across the country. Her responsibilities included the development of the objectives, key performance indicators, targets and projects. For many years Maria has been developing innovative new business courses which integrate insights from the Indian programme Human Values in Education with business strategy, change management, leadership and organisational redesign.

Since 2011 Maria is responsible for the Strategy Execution Summit, the most important annual event of its kind in Latin America, and the Community of the Management of Strategy, where executives from many different industries meet to discuss business practices, strategies and methodologies. She is a visiting lecturer at a number of business schools in Brazil and teaches a number of MBA modules online. She is the co-author of the books Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter (nominated as one of the Top 36 Sustainability Books by Sustainable Brands in January 2015), Strategy Management: Experiences and Lessons of Brazilian Companies and The Strategic Activist.