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Holonomics Education is a strategy and innovation consultancy based in São Paulo. Our mission is to help our clients to implement great customer experiences, powerful and effective strategies, and develop purposeful, meaningful and sustainable brands.

The way we do this is to help inspire people within these organisations to think and see differently. Hence we help people to develop an expanded level of consciousness and to understand the importance of universal human values. Our programmes are designed empower leaders with these deep insights across every activity within the organisation, such as strategy, HR, innovation, sustainability, planning and operations. We do this using our unique courses, workshops, masterclasses and Holonomics change management process.

We are able to develop long-term programmes to enable profound transformational change. These involve the implementation of new strategies, innovation processes and ways of working across teams, departments, divisions, businesses and ecosystems.

Photo: Holonomics Education

About the founders

Simon Robinson is the co-founder of Holonomics Education and the co-author of Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter. He began his career at BT Laboratories (British Telecom) in ergonomics and human factors, responsible for the user interfaces and the customer experience of fixed and mobile consumer products. In 1995 he and his colleagues created the concepts ‘designing the customer experience’ which brought together user-centred design and marketing into a single process. He is a Harvard Business Review author, a member of the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group at OCAD University, Toronto, and editor of the blog http://www.transitionconsciousness.org.

Maria Moraes Robinson is the co-founder of Holonomics Education and is an internationally recognized educator and keynote speaker in strategy, change management, sustainability, human values and the Balanced Scorecard methodology. She is a published author in Harvard Business Review Brasil, and the co-author of the books Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter, Strategy Management: Experiences and Lessons of Brazilian Companies and The Strategic Activist.