Holonomics and 1STi launch the Deep Tech Network

Movement aims to unite advanced technological development with the evolution of human consciousness.

At this decisive moment in our history, where dramatic global changes are transforming our reality, habits, choices and behaviours, there is now an urgent imperative to understand and think about technology in new ways, opening up new paths for innovation, co-creation and human evolution.

Deep Tech Network movement was therefore created with the objective of helping organisations to find deep solutions to complex problems, expanding their perceptions of the evolution of technology through developing a greater awareness of its impact on society and our planet.

The movement, created by the companies Holonomics and 1STi, both from São Paulo, has been conceived and developed as a multi-media platform. The first two initiatives are the publication of the Deep Tech manifesto which explains the founding principles, and the Deep Tech Podcast which has been developed to help people explore both the breadth and depth of the manifesto.

“Even before Covid-19, we were already experiencing a unique moment in our history, with a lot of dynamism, many changes and new issues”, explains Maria Moraes Robinson, CEO Brazil of Holonomics. “Now, more than ever, we need to ask the questions consciously to find the most appropriate answers for humanity to be able to continue to evolve in a harmonious way.”

Hosted by Maria Moraes Robinson and Igor Couto, co-founder and CEO of 1STi, the Deep Tech Podcast will include dialogues on the global landscape, presenting data, expert analysis and reflections structured to help leaders, managers, technologists and change makers to discover new opportunities, to better navigate through new challenges and to develop effective strategies for their organisations and wider stakeholder communities.

The first episode “Why Deep Tech?” and the second episode “The Living Dimension of Technology” (scheduled for May 18th) were recorded before the changes caused by the new coronavirus, so there is no direct reference to this particular subject during the conversations .

However, by providing a reflection on the role of technology in our lives, these podcasts will help people to reflect profoundly on our current predicaments and the changes that are taking place in the world today.

The Manifesto

With great power come great responsibility. For this reason the Deep Tech Network movement developed a manifesto to help technology professionals, innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders and change makers to understand how to develop Deep Tech solutions following seven fundamental principles, enabling them to consider the emerging properties of any solution developed and ensuring that every development and innovation respects human and planetary life.

The manifesto brings together the role of technology with human conscience in a manner designed to encourage innovations and technologies which strengthen social well-being, ecological regeneration, global cooperation and which impact positively on society.

The seven principles of the Deep Tech manifesto are:

  1. The purpose of Deep Tech is to use deep thinking to find deep solutions to complex problems;
  2. Deep Tech combines analytical thinking and artistic consciousness;
  3. Deep Tech creates augmented intelligence, the combination of artificial intelligence with conscious human endeavours;
  4. Privacy and ethics are core elements of Deep Tech algorithms;
  5. Deep Tech is developed by talented people who come from a rich diversity of backgrounds;
  6. The values of Deep Tech are the five universal human values of peace, truth, love, righteousness and non-violence;
  7. Deep Tech helps us to explore our world and ourselves in ever more meaningful ways, honouring what it is to be human in our world.

Deep Tech Ecosystem

To bring the movement to life, Holonomics and 1STi have come together to develop three major initiatives: Strytegy, Precisa Ser Institute and Vai na Web. “At this moment when the our entire human, economic and social systems are being challenged, we have created an authentic and diverse environment with wide-ranging skills and clearly-defined values to help us develop emergent and systemic solutions for our greatest challenges as humanity”, explains Maria Moraes Robinson.

The Deep Tech Network first began to take shape in 2018, in the city of São Paulo, with the first edition of the Deep Tech Talks, a live event with the theme “Technology with Soul”. This was followed in 2019 with the second event whose theme was “Augmented Agility”. These events were created to bring together executives, leaders and professionals who were invited to reflect more deeply on the need to align the human potential of organisations with rapid technological developments, with the objective of helping organisations develop positive and healthy outcomes in their economic, human and environmental activities.

The strength of the Deep Tech ecosystem is its ability to bring people and organisations together in order to be able to collectively design a more human and happier future for people and our planet. The Deep Tech Network invites everyone who identifies with its purpose to be part of this movement.

About Holonomics

Based in São Paulo, Holonomics is a consultancy that aims to help companies and organisations implement programmes of profound organisational and cultural change. Each programme, initiative and intervention created by the consultancy is based on the Holonomics Approach, a systemic framework for business transformation, encompassing strategy, customer experience, new business models, innovation, communication, leadership and stakeholder engagement. Holonomics specialised in the creation of high-impact interventions, helping organisations to see whole systems, be more strategic, think creatively, act more consciously and innovate in new ways.