Your COVID-19 battle plan

Many companies are suffering as a result of the current pandemic.Some of our friends have already lost their jobs. On the other hand, many people want to help, but are not sure how. We are all facing different challenges, so there is no single solution.

For these reasons, Holonomics, in collaboration with Methodical, have made available in Portuguese the COVID-19 business plan developed specifically to help companies face the challenges that have arisen due to this current crisis. It has been structured to help business leaders and owners explore all the factors that affect their business, helping them to fully understand the challenges and opportunities.It can also help them to consider the implications that decisions made will have on their organisations and their future.

We believe that this plan can particularly support small and medium-sized enterprises in designing a structured path for these difficult and unpredicatable times.The plan has a set of questions, distributed in nine dimensions, which will help you to visualise the best course of action at this current moment in time.At the end, you transfer the summary of your complete plan to the spreadsheet, on one page.

In addition to being available in English and Portuguese, the plan is also available in German, Dutch and Spanish.More languages will be added.To access them, visit the Methodical website here.