Press Release: ‘Augmented Agility’ is the theme of the 2nd edition of Deep Tech Talks

What is behind a truly agile businesses?

By Mayhara Nogueira, 1STi

Image: Igor Postiga

The earliest argument in Western philosophy about the essence of nature is the battle between two concepts: BECOMING (that which transforms), defended by Heraclitus, and BEING (what is unchangeable), proposed by Parmenides. As we look at our traditional systems – from nature, through the universe to our organisations – we know that life is in constant motion and transformation. To evolve you have to adapt to change. Such behaviour inspires us and invites us to focus our attention on how we adapt to current management models.

After discussing ‘Technology with Soul’, the 2nd edition of Deep Tech Talks will discuss the theme of ‘Augmented Agility’. The event, promoted by 1STi and Holonomics, has been designed to spark reflections on the virtues and principles needed to build a new agile mindset. The goal is to provide deep insights into emerging strategies that are inspiring companies to become more adaptive and dynamic in order to continue to evolve in a more conscious and sustainable manner.

“Our mental models – the way we see things – define how we relate to the whole,” explains Maria Moraes Robinson, CEO Brazil of the consulting firm Holonomics, coauthor of the book “Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter”.

“If I see the organisation as a machine – from the perspective of command and control – where each sector is a part, and in which others are simply amalgamated into a single up a whole which will deliver my expected outcomes, I will manage in one specific way. But if I see the organisation as a living, ever-changing organism where all sectors are interrelated, then I am able to adapt to a new way of understanding the organisation and managing it” she adds.

The Agile Movement sparked a true revolution in the technology sector in the early 21st century by proposing principles that shape new dynamics of innovation in complex systems. However, it was not long before it was also applied in business models. “Companies are using the method to reduce costs and increase productivity by always looking at processes, tools and results. However, you need to know that this is not the whole picture, ”explains Igor Couto, CEO of 1STi.

In practice the Agile Movement is not a protocol or a recipe, but a carrier of its fundamental essence. “Processes and tools are irrelevant if we don’t understand that prior to agile principles come our human values – the source for building a present and desirable future,” Couto recalls.

For Maria, there is a need to look carefully at people in a way which sees them as bringing together the full potential of a company. “If we want more agility, in the sense of efficiency and adaptability, we need professionals who are ready, proactive, communicative and able to express all their needs and their creative potential as efficiently as possible. But are we empowering people to display such behaviour?” she asks.

In order to discuss this issue, the second Deep Tech Talk will encourage objective as well as subjective reflection with interactive vignettes facilitated by actress Priscila Camargo covering three sub-themes: ‘human values’; ‘alignment and communication’, and ‘mobilisation and leadership for the future’. “Our idea is to discuss the importance that human beings have in all relationships, and the need to have greater awareness in order to pursue their life purpose and to know the impact it generates inside and outside the organisation,” explains Maria.

“People know today that it no longer makes any sense to be in an environment where they have no voice, where they cannot dialogue, and where they are prevented from express all their individualities and potentialities. On the other hand, professionals who are proactive and who do not truly fulfil their role in value creation end up compromising the productivity and development of the organisations where they work.”

For Couto, society needs to develop its sense-making abilities to broaden its vision and perception of reality – the Deep Tech Talks offers such an opportunity. “We need to feel things from different spaces and position,” he argues. “When I feel – like Igor, digital architect and entrepreneur – it’s an extremely limited situation. From the moment I leave my physical comfort space and hierarchical position as decision maker, and experience and witness something that happens to others, I am able to expand and develop across all spheres.”

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Initiated in 2018 and developed for a specially invited audience, Deep Tech Talks emerged in order to stimulate a unique series of dialogues between executives, experts and inspiring professionals. The goal is to build in-depth reflections on how to harness the power of technology to develop an innovation-driven economy, guiding the future in a regenerative and relevant manner.