Brad Jeffery, CEO & Co-Founder of Causegear, cites Holonomics

Photo: Sustainable Brands

Brad Jeffery is the CEO & Co-Founder of Causegear, an award-winning fashion brand which was created with the mission of empowering women in the world’s most impoverished places.

It was therefore wonderful today to see this article by him in which he fully embraces the message of Customer Experiences with Soul, which emphasises the importance of integrating customer experience design with sustainability:

Beyond Sustainable: What does it mean to be Care-Centric?

At the end he cites our opening keynote we gave at Sustainable Brands London where we launched Holonomics, in which he discusses our case study on Hospital Sírio Libanês:

“Moving forward with a care-centric approach is a communal effort that can bring people together. A presentation at Sustainable Brands 2014 in London provided a wonderful example of how to communicate and accomplish this, with a presentation by Simon and Maria Moraes Robinson. They created a communications event to engage every person at every level in what is the similar “holonomic” (wholeness and economy) thinking at Hospital Sírio Libanês in São Paulo, Brazil. Coming together around a unified, care-centric approach was bonding and transformational for the hospital team.”