Holonomics Education Announces New Network Structure

São Paulo, SP, Release: March 5, 2019.  For Immediate Release

Holonomics Education announces today their new global structure to fully meet the changing demands from clients both domestically in Brazil and globally through the development of the Holonomics Network, a fluid and agile organisational structure which will see the addition of video production facilities, IT infrastructure and app development, as well as more creative and engaging immersive learning experiences, both live and online.

Given the size and significance of the Brazilian corporate education market, Maria Moraes Robinson steps into the role of CEO Holonomics Education Brazil. With Holonomics Publishing registered in London, Simon Robinson assumes the role of CEO Holonomics Education Worldwide, reflecting the widening global reach of the company.

“The first years of Holonomics Education saw us growing in an organic and conscious manner, offering highly-differentiated consultancy programmes and cultural transformation initiatives based on our Holonomics approach. I am very excited about this new phase, as we have been working extremely hard on identifying key partners for the Holonomics Network who have really understood our way of working and values and who can really help us to offer the most comprehensive suite of innovative solutions which can be scaled out across even the largest and most geographically diverse organisations,” said Simon Robinson.

“We define sustainability as the quality of our relationships,” commented Maria Moraes Robinson. “Our conscious approach to growth and partnerships means that with the Holonomics Network we can now offer some new and exciting options for clients solutions who are looking to transform their organisations and develop sustainable strategies and innovations which are much more aligned with the accelerated changes we are seeing in society.”

Holonomics Education is a cultural transformation consultancy based in São Paulo, specialising in strategy and customer experience. Founded in 2014, their mission is to help clients to implement great customer experiences, powerful and effective strategies, and develop purposeful, meaningful and sustainable brands. Their framework, tools and methodologies are based on two books, Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter and Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design and have been created to organisations to evolve in a positive, authentic and sustainability manner based on human values and the expansion of consciousness.

To learn more about Holonomics Education, including their full suite of courses and consultancy programmes, visit www.holonomics.co.uk (English) and www.holonomics.com.br (Portuguese).