Holonomics Nominated by Impact Boom as a 100+ Inspirational Book


Photo: Impact Boom

Impact Boom is a social enterprise focused on the support and development of social enterprise globally. Their mission is to help people and organisations unleash their greatest potential to create positive social impact, and their three main goals are:

  • Provide communities with the knowledge, skills, support and mindsets to pursue social enterprise as a viable way to tackle community issues.
  • Create mainstream awareness of social enterprise, building a movement which sees stronger investment and support.
  • Take a whole of system approach, helping develop and improve social enterprise policy.

Part of the way in which they do this is via their podcast and blog, with features weekly interviews with global leaders, providing the latest insights and resources to tackle complex problems.

For this reason Maria and I were delighted today to find out that our book Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter was nominated by Impact Boom and the global leaders they spoke to in 2018 as one of their most inspirational books for impact driven people.

You can read the full list here: THE TOP 100+ RECOMMENDED BOOKS FOR CHANGE-MAKERS

In this list are many extremely influential writers such as Paulo Coelho, Eric Reis, Simon Sinek, Naomi Klein, Daniel H. Pink and Kate Raworth to name just a few.

Maria and I would very much like to thank Impact Boom and all those who nominated Holonomics for this recognition.