The Deep Science Walk: A New Experiential Learning Concept

In our new book Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design, we introduce powerful new tools and techniques such as ‘the ladder of seeing’ and a very powerful exercise called ‘the deep science walk’ which helps especially people in business really experience what we mean by paradigm shifts, as opposed to just talking about changes of paradigm while keeping in the same mindset.

Slide credit: Holonomics Education

Maria and I wrote about the deep time walk in Holonomics, and the deep science walk complements this by helping people to contemplate how their own mental models currently impact on their own world views, and how new creative insights could be gained. Maria and I have already run the deep science walk a number of times to help people such as business executives learn about how others construct reality, and therefore learn how to empathise with those who perhaps have a more systemic, holistic or quite different world view.

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