The Eco-logic of the New Economy: Holonomics in Athens

New Wrinkle is an NGO based in Greece that strives to identify societal trends in the fields of inter-culturalism, education and social entrepreneurship that are increasingly perceived as opportunities for innovation. It aims to act as a catalyst in order to design suitable responses that engage participants in new relationships or collaborations with renowned institutions worldwide in order to create ‘shared value’ for sustainable impact.

In 2016, New Wrinkle realised one educational program in collaboration with CERN. An independent series of workshops in Paris called Cafe de Jour, a reflection attempt on the meaning of “vivre-ensemble aujourd’hui” = “Harmonious coexistence in the modern era” and an exploration of how everyday life and the psyche of a city’s inhabitants is affected by a trauma in collaboration with UNESCO and Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Next month Maria and I will be travelling to Athens, Greece where we will be taking part in EcoLogic, a three-day event running from 27th – 29th April, hosted by New Wrinkle and supported by Apivita. The whole event is based on our book Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter, and we will be joined by special guest Joan Antoni Melé Cartañá from Triodos Bank who will be discussing money and awareness.

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On the first day we will be hosting a number of dialogue sessions for a number of businesses and organisations where we will be discussing the key tenets of both Holonomics and Customer Experiences with Soul. The following two days are being run a single events, allowing people to focus on just the new economy and conscious capitalism on the first day, and customer experience design and human values on the second. On both days Maria and I will be running our workshops in the morning, and Joan Antoni will be running his in the afternoon.

Photo credit: Sustainable Brands Bangkok

Workshop #Holonomics

Holonomics describes a groundbreaking approach to implementing profound transformational change in organisations in which solutions are ones which engage people across the whole organisation, develop strong cultures, trust amongst members and effective communication. This workshop will offer participants a unique opportunity to learn how we can put in place programs and insights which will enable organisations to excel, flourish and where people are more productive, more profitable and have a better place to work.

This workshop will introduce key elements from the Holonomics approach, including the four foundations of the Holonomics platform: the dynamics of seeing, the dynamics of nature, the dynamics of business and human values. It will provide in-depth explanations of how business strategy is evolving in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) and how businesses can implement holonomic management models using systemic diagnostics, indicators, methods of analysis and tools.

This workshop has been designed for managers, analysts and professionals who are seeking best-practices to improve the performance of their organisations, and who are looking to expand their knowledge and their creative capacity to generate results through the effective execution of strategy.

Workshop #Customer Experiences with Soul

Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design is the follow-up to Holonomics which describes how the Holonomics approach can be applied to the area of customer experience design. Defining sustainability as the quality of our relationships, the Customer Experiences with Soul framework explains how a whole organisation can come together to evolve an entirely new soulful way of being in the world.

In this workshop Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson will introduce the holonomic circle, a new tool which defines the new frontier for customer experience design and which provides a holistic framework for designers, entrepreneurs, leaders, managers and those starting a new business to explore the principles underlying the dynamics of soulful experiences – The Trinity of Authenticity, Tools and Techniques, and the Transcendentals.

This workshop is designed to introduce start-ups, executives, business leaders, NGOs, not-for-profit organisations and managers to the concept of customer experiences with soul, placing the customer experience at the very heart of the organisation. It has been created to demonstrate how every person in an organisation has a role to play in the design and execution of customer experiences, and how more sustainable and long-term relationships can be developed across whole business ecosystems. It will particularly appeal to those people working in the areas of strategy, marketing, product and service design, technology, customer service, operations and human resources.

The workshop will shift your understanding of design, innovation, strategy, leadership and branding. It will provide the guidance needed for developing, structuring and implementing customer experiences with soul, teaching entrepreneurs of the future how to build and grow authentic businesses and organisations which honour what it is to be human in our world.

Registrations open this coming week and so if you would like a copy of the brochure (in Greek) or further information and ticket prices, please do get in touch with New Wrinkle: