Customer Experiences with Soul at Sustainable Brands Bangkok

In October of last year Maria and I were invited to speak at Sustainable Brands Bangkok where we introduced our new framework, Customer Experiences with Soul, which we created to help organisations apply our Holonomics approach to the area of customer experience design.

In our plenary presentation we introduced the framework and discussed purpose, values, authenticity and a number of case studies in which we are applying this framework. You can watch our presentation in this video below:

In our workshop at the event we introduced our new tool, The Holonomic Circle, which can help organisations explore their current customer experiences and design new experiences from multiple perspectives. And so in our presentation we discussed a number of key elements of it, such as the Trinity of Authenticity, our definition of sustainability, internal = external, and the shift from life-destroying to life-enhancing business models.

In April we will be publishing our new book Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design. At the event we handed out a two-page introduction, which includes The Holonomic Circle. You can download a copy here: Customer Experiences with Soul

Sustainable Brands Bangkok was founded by Dr. Sirikul ‘Nui’ Laukaikul who we are of course both deeply grateful to for inviting us to Thailand to share our work.