Holonomics in Business and Management Review

Business and Management Review

We were delighted this weekend today learn about this academic paper which is an analysis of Holonomics, how it is challenging the current predominant managerial mindsets and what the impacts are for managerial education. It is written by Jennifer K. Bowerman and Rhonda L. Reich who are both from the Department of Organizational Behaviour, Human Resources and Management, School of Business, MacEwan University, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The article also quotes from both our book and also our 2014 Harvard Business Review article “Holonomic Thinking” and provides in-depth analysis of Chaordic, one of the Brazilian startups which we provide as a case study.

This paper was published in June of this year in The Business and Management Review, and was submitted to the proceedings of the International conference on Restructuring of the Global Economy (ROGE), University of Oxford, UK.

You can read the entire paper here: http://www.abrmr.com/…/c…/Con_Pro_20588/conference_81481.pdf