Webinar: Introducing the Systems View of Life into Organisations with Fritjof Capra

Sustainable Brands webinarSimon Robinson will be joining Fritjof Capra in a Sustainable Brands webinar on 3rd August where they will be discussing how to introduce the systems view of life into organisations.

In this webinar you will learn about:

• The critical role of systems thinking to solve the major problems of our global crisis, which are systemic problems — all interconnected and interdependent — and require corresponding systemic solutions.
• How key insights from systems thinking can be applied in a business context, such as organization, communities of practice, leadership and emergence.
• How businesses can develop a new generation of leaders leaders who are ecologically literate and capable of thinking systemically.

The webinar is free to register for. For further information please see the webinar page:

Introducing the Systems View of Life into Organisations