What Do People Say About Fritjof Capra’s New Online Course?


Credit: capracourse.net

As many of you will know, I have been working with Fritjof Capra for over a year on the development of Capra Course, his online course which is based on his latest book The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Vision which was co-authored with Pier Luigi Luisi.

It has been quite a transformative experience for Fritjof, as this is the first time he has taught online. The first edition of the course started this April, and is just coming to a close. Fritjof shared these thoughts with the class on how he had experienced the course:

For me, this was my first experience of an online course, and I enjoyed it tremendously. I found the discussions in the Forum highly stimulating and much more substantial than the ones I am used to in live classes, because both yourselves and I had much more time to formulate our comments/questions/responses; we could look up references before posting our comments and include relevant links in our posts.

What is also interesting is that many of the participants also shared their thoughts. These are interesting reflections as they demonstrate just how important it is for specialists in a diverse range of fields to come together to discus systems theory and systemic solutions to today’s complex problems. Below are a range of these comments:

Thanks for such an inspiring lecture. The way you managed to resume the radical revolution of system thinking in the field of consciousness is simply amazing. This lecture stimulated in me a million of thoughts and questions.

Bruno Lorenzi, Italy

I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you for compiling such a comprehensive overview on the topic of mind and consciousness. From the practical viewpoint of someone who, like yourself, finds himself poised at the pioneering edge of the topic’s understanding, I’m grateful for such a well ordered perspective with which to orient myself to prospects of contributing to a science of consciousness.

George Clements, USA

I am amazed at how interconnected the ideas are coming from this course.

Helen Black, Canada

Thank you so much Fritjof for such a clear and succinct description of feedback loops and its relation to emergence. Your work, your vision and your sharing it in this particular way in such clear and accessible language has given language to so much in my life and experience that has been unnamed, and therefore to a certain degree unconscious. This affirmation and clarification inspires me to reinvest my attention in these ideas and questions as lived experience.

Ann Moradia, France

Thank you so much, Fritjof, I have been blessed by your course. It has been one of the most exciting and thrilling experiences of my life. Not only have I been taught by one of my heroes, but also the knowledge has arrived in a very important stage of my life when I am seeing and understanding things that have brought new perspectives and new understandings.

Carolina S. Rudnick Vizcarra, Chile

Fritjof, I just felt inspired to thank you now for all that has gone into this wonderful course…and for all that it has inspired. I am so grateful to be part of it I have really appreciated the course; it has inspired the continuation of my Curvature work and has given me new confidence and focus. I especially value the relationships that have formed and the collaborative projects that are brewing.

Laura Batson, Canada

Thank you for the well crafted series of lectures. From evolution to ecology, to the final systems solutions, the course unfolded in a beautiful way that weaved in different disciplines. Members of the forum also contributed a great wealth of knowledge. I am really humbled and inspired. I want to thank you and everyone for making this course available, and look forward to connect with Capra alumni in the future.

Helen Y. Chen, USA

Fritjof, thank you for this learning journey, from evolution, to cognition, to social systems, to ecology. You have brought some of the best minds and theories into a coherent synthesis, and a unified systems view of life. I also liked that you honed in into the central challenges for our times, such as confronting global capitalism, its pursuit of quantitative growth, and its lack of ethics. You also focused on the central challenge of designing our human communities, and institutions to be in harmony with our sustainable ecological systems. Our challenge as graduates of  this course and as a cohort is to take the knowledge from this course and put it into action, for us to act as leaders to bring forth a sustainable, just and flourishing world.

Manuel Manga, Brazil

As the course progressed the Capra Course team discussed how we could help all of the participants extend these experiences and develop deeper connections. For this reason we have been building the Capra Course Alumni Network which launches next month and which every participant from every edition will have access to.

Credit: capracourse.net

Credit: capracourse.net

In addition to the regular courses, we are now able to offer private editions of the entire Capra Course as a package to universities, companies, or other organizations who would like their members/employees to take the course. Access to all all the lectures and supplementary materials are available for a certain time period, so that you can organize them in whatever way is convenient for you, with Fritjof being available to connect not via the on-line forums by by Skype for one or more discussion.

Capra Course is run twice a year, and registrations are now open for the Autumn 2016 edition which starts on 28th September. For more information please see www.capracourse.net