Holonomics at Sustainable Brands Bangkok

Sustainable Brands BangkokMaria and I are delighted to announce that we have been invited to present our work relating to Holonomics and Customer Experiences with Soul at Sustainable Brands Bangkok which takes place this year between October 11th and 13th.

Sustainable Brands BangkokIn 2014 we launched Holonomics at the opening plenary of Sustainable Brands London. In 2015 Sustainable Brands nominated Holonomics as one of their Top 36 books on sustainability, and we also took Holonomics to Sustainable Brands San Diego and Sustainable Brands Rio where we ran our workshop Holonomic Thinking: Upgrading Our Leadership Skills and Systems Thinking for the New Economy.

Our recent work includes our concept of Customer Experiences with Soul which has been developed to help organisations activate their purpose through the design of their customer experiences by engaging their whole organisation and ecosystem. This customer experience work is based on the Holonomics platform, with a special focus on human values, and we really look forward to sharing our thinking with the audience in Bangkok this October.


Sirikul Laukaikul

The founder of Sustainable Brands Bangkok is Sirikul Laukaikul who is a brand and sustainability consultant at The Brandbeing and who has developed the concept of Karma Marketing which is influenced by Buddhist philosophy, just as Maria and I write about the Buddhist philosophy of work in Holonomics.

Sirikul and the SB Bangkok team are currently putting together an extremely special programme which will be published soon, and it is a great honour to be joining the other speakers at this event which brings together brand, sustainability, design and
innovation professionals together with social entrepreneurs.

For more information, including two of our articles about Holonomics translated into Thai, please see the Sustainable Brands Bangkok website here: