Sustainable Cosmetics

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 07.58.19I am very happy to be able to announce that I will be presenting a keynote talk at the Latin American edition of Sustainable Cosmetics in September where I will introduce Customer Experiences with Soul and discuss how Holonomics can impact on Marketing. I will be offering insights into how Holonomics can encourage sustainable marketing of cosmetics and personal care products and what the key lessons are for executives looking at sustainability.

There are four editions each year, in New York, Paris, Hong Kong and São Paulo. For more information please take a look at

From the brochure:

From the summit brochure:

With the Brazilian economy mired in recession, brands are focusing on marketing to strengthen sales and gain market share. This session highlights major developments in the green cosmetics arena. To begin, the keynote speaker looks at the use of holonomics in marketing: how can this new concept encourage brands to ‘think outside the box’? What are the applications in the marketing of green cosmetics? An update is given on the mushrooming number of ethical labels in the cosmetics industry. Apart from natural and organic, what new labels are emerging? What are the implications to Latin American brands? A pioneering European brand shares its experiences in building distribution in Latin America, whilst another brand explores the opportunities in the hair salon market. A leading supermarket gives insights into the sustainability issues faced by retailers. Another paper gives marketing communication best-practices for sustainable products. The session ends with panelists discussing the difficulties in marketing green products during an economic recession: how can brands and retailers maintain consumer interest in sustainable products? How can you strengthen consumer appeal in a price-sensitive market?