Holonomics Featured in Votorantim’s Magazine

Votorantim Our Group

Votorantim Group is one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Latin America, operating in various sectors such as finance, energy, iron, steel, pulp and paper among others. The company has 98,600 employees and an operating presence in twenty four countries worldwide.

Vorotantim are a privately owned group with an extremely strong commitment to sustainability. For example, for over 50 years the group has owned Reserva Votorantim, the largest reserve on private property within the Atlantic rainforest covering around 35,000 hectares, located in the south of São Paulo state in the Vale do Ribeira region.

Nosso Grupo (Our Group) is the in-company magazine distributed to everyone in the company, and it is published quarterly. The most recent edition focuses on the theme of looking to the future, and how the company is developing on a daily basis.

Maria and I were interviewed by Votorantim and feature in the article Tomorrow Starts Now, which looks at the way in which people are the most important factor in both operational efficiency today and the way in which companies can overcome the challenges of complex scenarios.

The magazine is accessible publicly and you can read the article here:

Tomorrow Starts Now (English)

O Amanhã Começa Agora (Portuguese)

El Mañana Empieza Ahora (Spanish)

We discuss Holonomics and the way it can expand people’s consciousness and develop the way in which people see the organisation systemically:

The term holonomics refers to a dynamic and authentic way to understand relationships within a business system while keeping an understanding of the whole. With this approach, it is possible, for example, to view the organization as a living and dynamic system that evolves and adds value through interactions between all stakeholders: leaders, managers, employees, customers, community, etc.

How to inspire your team? Holonomics helps leaders understand the role of each one within the whole, that is, how the parts interact to form a whole and how people’s relationships can be improved. Only then can ideas emerge and be implemented. For this to happen, the leader’s role is critical in creating trustworthy environments where people can express themselves authentically.

Both Maria and I are extremely happy to promote a dialogue within Votorantim together with its managers, especially with a company on such a profound journey developing a new way of looking at things and long-term thinking in business for a sustainable and resilient future.