Harvard Business Review Brasil On Point Encounters: Holonomics – Change Management and Integrating Transformation in Complex Environments

Next month Maria and I will be running a Harvard Business Review Brasil workshop on Holonomics, looking at how it can be applied in relation to profound organisational change in complex environments. Here are the full details.

3rd September 2015

São Paulo

Harvard Business Review Brasil
8.00 Registration

9.00 Start – Deep Dive Into Holonomics and Profound Organisational Change


The Dynamics of Seeing

The dynamic way of seeing refers to the dynamic conception of wholeness in Holonomics, and is the foundation for the development and evolution of consciousness. The objective of this session is to offer an opportunity for participants to explore a new way of thinking about the relationship between people within an organisation, and to contemplate their own ways of constructing reality.

The Dynamics of Nature

Over billions of years many complex organisational problems have already been solved by nature. By contemplating natural organisational structures, and the way in which nature manages to balance both chaos with order, we can take a great deal of inspiration back into our places of work. This section will provide participants with an opportunity to reflect on the way in which the organisational structures and hierarchies encourage or inhibit the flow of communication across teams, departments, units and businesses.

The Dynamics of Leadership

Change starts from the very top of an organisation, but can only take place when the whole organisation is fully engaged. This section will examine the need to shift from an ego-nomic perspective to a holonomic perspective, and will consider the way in which at times what we think of as networks may in fact be “knotworks” – networks with ego.

10.30 Coffee

Holonomic Thinking

11.00 – Case Studies

Chaordic Systems

One of the key case studies from the HBR Brasil article Holonomic Thinking focuses on Chaordic, a young but very successful e-commerce company based in Florianópolis. This case study will take the form of a TEDx talk from Anderson Nielson, a director of Chaordic, who will introduce the company and how they are dealing with the challenges of growth and change through a holonomic philosophy of management and HR.

Hospital Sírio Libanês

This case study will examine how Hospital Sírio Libanes introduced holonomic thinking into their strategic management programme. The case study will show how leadership, change management and a dynamic way of seeing the customer experience can create both the highest level of customer service and fully engage people across a whole organisation.

Panel Session

Maria Moraes Robinson, Simon Robinson and Anderson Nielson will take part in a Q&A panel session exploring many of the issues raised in throughout the morning.

Close and Summing Up


Please phone 11 5042-7400 or send an email to contato@hiria.com.br for more information about HBR Brasil forums and how to register for this event.