The last three decades have seen a steady evolution in customer experience design methods and practices. These have been complemented by the introduction of systemic and visual business tools such as Balanced Scorecard and the Business Model Canvas which have radically changed the way entrepreneurs and corporations develop new businesses, innovate new products and services, and improve and evolve their existing business models and strategies.

However, despite a growing awareness of the impact on profitability of being a customer-focused organisation, and despite the wealth of new approaches to innovation, the majority of new products and services are still failing to meet customer expectations. The time therefore has now arrived for business leaders to radically reappraise what they are doing, how they are doing it, who they are doing it with, and most importantly, why.

The insights from this book apply not only to the design of the customer experience itself, but also to product and service development, organisational design, branding, communications, leadership, training and strategy. It will help you to:

– take a radically new approach to customer experience design;
– fully integrate your purpose, goals and strategy with your customer experience;
– implement human values across the whole organisation; and
– develop long-term and more meaningful relationships with your customers.