Holonomics is a business consultancy enabling organisations to achieve their goals through high-impact transformation in the areas of strategy, customer experience, deep tech and cultural change.

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Deep Tech and the New 4Ps

We have always believed in the potential of platforms for the positive good of the world. For this reason in 2015 Holonomics developed The New 4Ps framework – Platforms, Purpose, People and Planet – to explain how the new entrepreneurial reality was changing.

The original 4Ps marketing mix of product, price, place continue to be valid. But business as usual is now no longer an option, and therefore organisations which wish to transform themselves are now looking to the New 4Ps as a framework to utilise prior to any design, development and marketing initiatives.

In order to be able to transform visions into reality, we also believe that deep thinking can help organisations understand how to transform their mindsets from thinking about advanced technology towards understanding the impact and power of deep tech solutions.

Our Holonomics approach therefore teaches organisation how to implement the New 4Ps by understanding mindset at the deepest level – the ethics, ways of seeing, creativity and systems thinking, while also contributing to the training and development of deeply talented people.

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Why Holonomics?

Why do people choose us? Beyond the Holonomics approach—our proven approach for achieving impactful, long-term transformation within organizations—there are some key, defining characteristics that our clients have used to describe what’s unique about us. These are the characteristics that often drive the choice to work with us and fuel our long-term partnerships.


Authenticity defines the way we approach our work, and it defines the work we do together without our clients. Our many years of experience have proven that authenticity must be present both in our side, and in our clients’ side, for any methodology to truly achieve the desired results.


Through the Deep Tech Network, a group of businesses that are aligned in the commitment to deep thinking in the way we work and in the solutions we provide, we can deliver complete solutions to our clients that extend beyond the core services that Holonomics offers.


Our systemic approach and commitment to human values enables us to increase the quality of our relationships with clients, and the quality of the relationships within the organization, resulting in a level of collaboration characterised by clear communication, integrity, and success.


Our deep knowledge as pioneers in our professional areas is combined with a profound level of academic knowledge across a number of fields including complexity theory, systems thinking, economics, psychology, customer experience and human values.

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Deep Tech Network

Holonomics is proud to be part of the Deep Tech Network, a new movement born in Brazil with an international reach which is the result of a collaboration between Holonomics, 1STi and Vai na Web, three organisations which have at their heart a singular mission to unite advanced technological innovations with consciousness and human values.

Our deep tech manifesto is articulated in the following seven principles:

I – Deep Tech combines analytical thinking and artistic consciousness;

II – Deep Tech creates augmented intelligence, the combination of artificial intelligence with conscious human endeavours;

III – The purpose of Deep Tech is to use deep thinking to find deep solutions to complex problems;

IV – Privacy and ethics are core elements of Deep Tech algorithms;

V – Deep Tech is developed by talented people who come from a rich diversity of backgrounds;

VI – The values of Deep Tech are the five universal human values of peace, truth, love, righteousness and non-violence;

VII – Deep Tech helps us to explore our world and ourselves in ever more meaningful ways, honouring what it is to be human in our world.

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In Focus

Source: Broesis, Pixabay

Simon’s latest article, Why, where and how to put lived experience into Design Thinking, has just been published today on UX Collective on Medium. Recently he has been writing a series of articles examining more advanced approaches to design thinking. His article examines the role that ‘lived experience’ plays in the design process and how it can lead to more powerful insights and more systemic solutions.